Baoding Life

Instructions on halogen bulb and incandescent bulb


Baoding Life Automotive Lighting Group Co., Ltd.
1. Due to the high pressure inside the bulb, never crush or apply external force to break it (to prevent the bulb from being damaged or injured).

2. When lighted, never get close to or cover on paper, cloth and other flammable materials (to prevent fire).

3. Select the bulb according to the specified type and power applicable for luminaire (to prevent short lifetime, damage and overheating of the appliance).

4. Install it securely on the lamp holder (to prevent falling off and overheating).

5. Never touch since the bulb is very hot when lighted or turning off (to prevent scald).

6. Turn it off before replacing and wait until cooling down (to prevent scald).

7. Make sure that the lamp and wire will not touch the bulb glass after replacing (to prevent fire).

8. Prevent from water and oil when picked and placed, never take with dirty hands or dirty gloves (to prevent from short lifetime and damage).

9. Never break it when the used bulb is discarded (to prevent from hurting).

10. Keep it out of reach of children (to prevent from swallowing or hurting).

11. Never look at the lighting bulb for a long time in close distance (to prevent from dazzling).