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Motorcycle headlamp module assembly

•It consists of high-low beam LED module, front position/front turn signal LED light module and light distribution mechanism and heat dissipation/structural parts and internal/external drive circuit components and other parts. •It has excellent optical/mechanical/electrical performance, high structural accuracy/strength, superior compatibility with the vehicle lamp structure, which can greatly improve the headlamp signal output effect and reduce the design workload of the vehicle lamp structure engineer. •With strong versatility, its output luminous flux, far/near field illumination, electrical/optical efficiency and EMC are all at the advanced level in the industry.

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  • The motorcycle headlamp module assembly is a  light source part for the new generation of motorcycle LED headlamp.
  • I t is fully customized design. Its contour, light source quantity, power supply/control protocol and so on are strictly in accordance with the requirements of customer, and accurately match the shape of the lamp. Its light distribution modes include forward/side reflection, split lens and so on, providing the greatest creative freedom for the modeling/lamp structure engineer. The sample is side reflection light distribution.
  • The product can be driven by built-in drive circuit components or external fully integrated driver assembly. It has excellent external electrical/thermal environment adaptability, and has fault self-detection, temperature self-detection and the corresponding automatic protection function, support and BCM to communicate with a variety of protocols.
  • Support color temperature/luminous flux/near and far field illuminance  and other technical parameters customized.