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Vehicle LOGO projection lamp module assembly

•It consists of LED lighting source module, image film, projection lens combined heat dissipation/structural parts and internal/external drive circuit components and other parts. •It has excellent optical/mechanical/electrical performance, high structural accuracy/strength, superior compatibility with the vehicle structure, which can greatly improve the LOGO’s projection effect and reduce the design workload of the structure engineer. •With strong versatility, its electrical/optical efficiency, projection field illuminance and EMC are all at the advanced level in the industry.

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  • Vehicle LOGO projection lamp module assembly is  a  lamp part for the vehicle’s  new reverse mirror, front and rear doors and front and rear decoration.
  • It is combination of standardization and customization. Its outline, projected light color/luminosity/angle, power supply/control protocol are strictly in accordance with the requirements of customer, and accurately match the vehicle modelling.The light distribution mode is image film + lens group, which has the characteristics of clear projection image, small size, high efficiency and low power consumption.

Support light color/luminous flux/projection field illuminance and other technical parameters customized.