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Vehicle high-low beam lens module

•It consists of light source LED, heat sink mechanism and extended active/passive radiator, multi-optical axis side mirror and light distribution lens, powered by a modular driver to provide constant drive current. •It has excellent optical/mechanical/electrical performance, high structural accuracy/strength, superior compatibility with the headlamp structure, which can greatly improve the headlamp lighting effect and reduce the design workload of the headlamp structure engineer. •With strong versatility, its output luminous flux, far/near field illumination, electrical/optical efficiency and EMC are all at the advanced level in the industry.

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  • The high-low beam lens module for vehicle is a new generation of automotive LED headlamp’s universal supporting core parts.
  • The product adopts high-power and multi-chip FLIPCHIP encapsulated LED components as the light source, it has high brightness, high light efficiency, long life, high stability and superior light distribution characteristics and meet the requirements of GB 25991 standard.
  • With advanced efficient BUCK/BOOST modular drivers support all internal and external lamp waterproofing requirements, it can realize the building block design of light source structure, and has excellent adaptability to external electrical/thermal environment.
  • Supporting color temperature/luminous flux/near and far field illuminance and other technical parameters customized.