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LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device. It uses direct band gap semiconductor materials (such as GaAs) to form PN junctions, and the electron-hole recombination process in the PN junctions becomes radiative transition process, and emit photons in the process. The LED chips carrying PN junctions are bonded on the bracket or base through a various processes, and the LED chips are sealed in a transparent material to form all kinds of LED components.  
The light-emitting parameter of LED components is only related to its materials, and not related with the drive parameter in the normal working state. Combined with all solid state, small volume, high color purity, and other characteristics, it makes the design of automobile light source module much more convenient. In the field of automobile lighting and signal lighting, LED has become an ideal upgrade product of the traditional light source.
Compared with the traditional light source, LED has the following features:
•The life of LED is more than ten times longer than traditional filament bulbs, which can realize vehicle life-cycle use;
•All solid state structure, high mechanical strength, and much better resistance to vibration than the filament bulbs, which provides high reliability;
•High electro-optical efficiency, which saves over 70% of energy compared with traditional light bulbs. It reduces lighting heat and carbon emissions;
•Nanosecond electric - light response speed, which eliminates delay in the braking and steering signal, and make driving safer;
•Good monochromaticity. The light color is pure and stable, which is easier to recognize;
•The component is small in size, which can realize ultra-thin lights and greatly save space in the vehicle.
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