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Baoding Life Automotive Lighting Group Co.,Ltd.

Founded in JuIy 1995, Rongcheng Life Lamp Co., Ltd. a sino-foreign Joint Venture, with the co-investment from BaodingLife Automotive Lighting Co., Ltd (originally known as Hebei Rongcheng Lamp Factory) and Japan Life Elex Inc. specializes in production and sale of automotive bulbs.



having20 automotive bulb

production lines

Founded in a sino-foreign joint venture


Founded in July 1970

More than 500 technicians




The company promotes total quality management

"No non-conforming products will be accepted", "No non-conforming products will be manufactured" and "No non-conforming products will be delivered"


The company encourages employees to "Do things right in one go"

The company can produce 200 million bulbs annually that can be specified on cars of FAW,Dongfeng, TFTM, GTMC, SGMW, FOTON, Baoding Great WalHafei Automobile Group, and other OEMs in China. Also exporttoJapan, Indonesia and Thailand specified on cars of Nissan, ToyotoHonda, Suzuki, lsuzu, Subaru, Mitsubishi.

Lighting products for vehicles

Maintained steady growth in the field of auto accessories in China, and has been one of the light source manufacturers designated by various auto-markers for many years. 

Enterprise scale 

There are now more than 500 employees.

Powerful production line

20 production lines for automotive lighting products, and 90% equipment is imported.

Solid quality

All products have passed the European E/mark authentication.